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10 Ways To Show Gratitude:Improve Your Outlook of Others

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Gratitude is simply more than just saying “thank you to someone”, It’s a state of mind and attitude.  Gratitude shapes our lives and the way we view things. It’s also a reflection of how satisfied we are in our lives. Showing gratitude to another person is wonderful but when we are grateful, happy and content within our selves, little acts of gratitude towards others become natural and improves our outlook on the greater good.

A life without gratitude is miserable, unhappy, and unfilled. Showing gratitude will propel you to greater fulfillment, bring you closer to your dreams and desires. Showing gratitude will also help you to become satisfied with what you already have in your life while appreciating the simpler things.  So let’s bypass the little old “thank you” and move to discover more creative and thoughtful ways of showing gratitude to others

Actively listen to what others have to say

Be an open ear when someone wants to talk. Don’t just listen but engage in conversation with a pure heart

2. Give a compliment 

You can make someone feel very special by just giving a nice compliment. Take notice of what people have accomplished, what they are working hard on, or a new hairstyle.

3. Make eye contact with 

When someone is speaking make eye contact and show them that you are present in the conversation.

4. Help someone with a task 

Even if you aren’t interested in the task. Be a helping hand to someone by offering your assistance.

5. Share their Joys 

When someone achieves or accomplish something. Be there to celebrate them.

6. Buy them a small gift of appreciation 

When your out and about pick up a small gift for them. Something that speaks to their personality or desire.

7. Write a handwritten letter 

A handwritten letter is much more personal when compared to an email or a purchased card. Include a nice message that shows how much you appreciate them.

8. Share your talents with others

If you are an accountant, hair stylist, organizer, handyman, etc. share your talents with others without a fee. Be there for others in need.

9. Share your material possessions

If you have something that someone is in need of. Offer it up to them! Don’t be selfish. Offer your belonging to those you love and those who may be less fortunate.

10. Smile 

A simple smile goes a long way. Just think about the last time someone smiled at you for no reason, How did it make you feel?

Ranika Martin, MSW, LGSW, CBT+

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