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Staying motivated can be tough! Let’s just be honest you don’t always feel like doing stuff. How about some ice cream, comfy clothes, movies, and couch please lol. Well, that’s not going to work when you’re trying to achieve something. Motivation can be like a train it comes and goes. Some days your feeling accomplished and others just lazy or unmotivated. Let’s look at some ways to stay motivated, hopefully, this will help you on days you’re just not feeling it.

Make a List

Start by gathering notebooks, calendars, your favorite writing materials and/or an erase board. Create a daily task list for all the things you want to accomplish the next day. As each day ends review your list and check off items/task you were able to complete. Anything you weren’t able to get to just simply move to the following day on your next task list. Be sure to make each task realistic so that you can complete it. For example, if you have to clean the house, be specific such as cleaning stairs, wiping kitchen windows etc. The simpler the task the more likely you will complete it.

Take Breaks  

When you’re in the nitty and gritty of completing you’re to do list, be sure to take little breaks. Grab a drink, take a walk, place call, or eat a snack. Taking breaks will relax your mind a bit and allow you to recharge. Let’s say this together “NO BURNOUT”.

Don’t Over Stress

When something doesn’t go as planned don’t worry or quit. If your goal is to work out daily for 30 minutes, and four days go by and you haven’t worked out don’t somber in pity. Get inspired by remembering your goal. Don’t allow your mind to dwell in self-doubt! Stay inspired and get moving. Failing is necessary to move forward.

Get Rid of Distractions

Anything that doesn’t motivate you or inspire you, get rid of it. On your way to success, whatever you’re achieving surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and offer kind words.

Just Do It

Stop making excuses, focus on what’s important to you and go for it. Motivation is shaky so don’t obsess over it. Instead, review your progress and let that be your motivation. Stay committed!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me” Philippians 4:13

Ranika Martin, MSW, LGSW, CBT+

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