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Why is consistency so important?

Consistency builds a routine and strong momentum. Being consistent will propel you to higher grounds, towards your desired goals.

Being consistent creates accountability.

You ask how? Well, when you set aside planned time to complete a task you are creating repetition which then creates accountability. Being accountable whether it’s for yourself or on behalf of others is important.

Consistency enables you to measure your progress.

The measurement of your progress will set the pace for you to remain consistent. For example, if you are achieving a weight loss goal, daily exercise along with eating healthy is essential. If your consistent in both areas the end goal will be weight loss. Along the way, you will see your progress, which is proper grounds for measurement.

Consistency maintains the vision.

Your desires first began with a vision, from that vision you develop a small task that then grows into a bigger task. The end result is the manifestation of your vision.

Consistency gets the attention of others

Lack of progress, shaky routines and lack of desire will never gain you the respect of others. When you are on your game, knocking out daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals you will get noticed. Others will respect you for being consistent and diligent.

I will give thanks and praise the lord, with all my heart (PSALMS 9:1-2)

Ranika Martin, MSW, LGSW, CBT+

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